Explore the Magical Mermaid Pools in Berrara

Berrara Mermaid Pools

Living on the South Coast of New South Wales is like living inside your favourite coastal Instagram feed. There are so many beautiful beaches, bushwalks and hidden gems to explore, most of which are discovered through social media. For me, as soon as I see one of my followers post a photo of a pretty swimming spot, waterfall or hiking trail that I haven’t been to, I immediately try to find out where it is. I have been to so many incredible local places using this method, including Drawing Room Rocks, Gosangs Tunnel and Berrara Mermaid Pools.

100 Beach Challenge

It is without a doubt that the South Coast of New South Wales is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Visit Shoalhaven has put together the 100 Beach Challenge, for locals and tourists to explore all 170 kilometres of our coastline to find their perfect beach. Check off the beaches as you go, until you reach all 100! Whether you’re looking for a secluded, romantic beach, a family friendly beach, a surfing beach or a beach with crystal clear waters for snorkelling, the South Coast of New South Wales has got you covered. 

Undertaking the 100 Beach Challenge is the perfect way to experience the coastline of New South Wales, and get some incredible photos for your Instagram profile. If you don’t have time for all 100, Number 44 of the 100 Beach Challenge is a must. Berrara Beach, located between two rock reefs in Conjola National Park, is home to great surf breaks and a population of local resident kangaroos. If you visit at low tide, and paddle across to the southern end of the beach, you’ll be rewarded with the incredible Berrara Mermaid Pools. 

Berrara Mermaid Pools 

Stroll through Conjola National Park, and visit one of the most incredible swimming locations in the Shoalhaven. Berrara Mermaid Pools are significant as they contain one of the deepest rock pools in the area. To get there safely, make sure you arrive at low tide, as you will have to walk through the water at South Berrara Beach. You will be completely surrounded by water, beach and bushland, with no buildings or roads nearby. 

The water in Berrara Mermaid Pools is crystal clear and a beautiful turquoise colour, there is a big flat rock right in the middle for sunbaking and general relaxation purposes, and the whole rock pool is sheltered by high rock walls. Although it wouldn’t be as safe to venture to the Berrara Mermaid Pools at high tide, it can be an incredible sight as the waves crash over the rock and form a waterfall. The Berrara Mermaid Pools are a truly magical, nature lover’s paradise.

Conjola National Park

While you’re visiting the Berrara Mermaid Pools, be sure to explore the rest of the Conjola National Park. With plenty of other beautiful beaches, creeks and tracks for hiking, cycling or horse riding, Conjola National Park has a range of attractions for the whole family. For swimming and canoeing, Berrara Beach and Swan Lake are the definite stand outs. The Park is also home to an abundance of native plants and wildlife, including wildflowers, eastern grey kangaroos, echidnas and black cockatoos. If you enjoy fishing, Berrara Beach is a good place to throw a line in. Berrara is an Indigenous word meaning ‘snapper’, so you should have some luck. 

The South Coast of New South Wales is home to many beautiful beaches, bushwalks and hidden gems. All you have to do to find them is head to social media and check out what everyone else is posting! The Berrara Mermaid Pools are a magical place to venture to, containing one of the deepest rock pools in the Shoalhaven. Once you’re there, you will be able to take some incredible photos and share them on Instagram for your followers. How many is too many?


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