Experience Jervis Bay’s Beauty & Culture at Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is located in Jervis Bay Territory, on the South Coast of New South Wales. Booderee is owned by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, and means ‘bay of plenty’ or ‘plenty of fish’ in the local Dhurga language. It was officially opened as a National Park in 1992, and is now under joint management between the traditional owners of the land and Parks Australia. Booderee National Park covers 63.12km of crystal clear blue waters, native bushland, white sand beaches and historic sites. It is also home to extraordinary native plants and wildlife, and Australia’s only Aborginal owned and run Botanic Gardens. 

Visiting Booderee National Park is the perfect way to explore the Jervis Bay area and its rich Aboriginal history and culture that is still very much alive today. With gorgeous white sand beaches, cosy campgrounds and scenic hiking trails, there is so much family fun to be had at Booderee National Park. To visit the Park and its many beautiful sites, you will need to purchase a park pass, which can be done online before you arrive, or at the entry station or Visitor Centre on your way in. The money from the passes helps support the traditional owners and their community, the maintenance of visitor and park facilities, the running of free activities and the preservation of Booderee’s natural and cultural values. Please note COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place. Please check the website for the latest updates.

Booderee Botanic Gardens

The Booderee Botanic Gardens are Australia’s only Aboriginal owned and operated botanic gardens. The Wreck Bay community have looked after the Jervis Bay land and waters for generations, passing on their values, connection to and knowledge of the native natural environment and wildlife to their families. In visiting the Booderee Botanic Gardens you will have the opportunity to learn about bush tucker, the medicinal properties of plants, and the rich Aboriginal culture and history associated with the local area. 

Take your family on an Indigenous guided tour, or explore one of the many scenic walking trails through the Booderee Botanic Gardens. The people of Wreck Bay utilise the bush as a natural teaching resource for the next generations, teaching them about collecting bush tucker, using plants as medicine and how to harness changes in seasonal and climatic conditions. Some of the native plants you will find in the Booderee Botanic Gardens include:

  • Kangaroo tail 
  • Waratah
  • Eucalyptus summer red
  • Health banksia
  • Mountain devil
  • Round-leaved tea-tree

Booderee Beaches

As you may know, Jervis Bay is renowned for its gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal clear water home to an incredible ecosystem of marine life. Some of the best Jervis Bay beaches are undoubtedly located in Booderee National Park. There are many amazing activities available, including whale watching, diving and snorkelling, cruises, fishing, surfing and of course, family beach barbeques. Or if you’d prefer a more relaxing visit, simply sunbake or go for a stroll on the sand, alongside the waters edge. In early June to July, the beaches in Booderee National Park offer incredible opportunities for whale watching as they migrate to their breeding grounds in Queensland. The best time for whale watching is either late in the morning or early in the afternoon on a clear skied day. Just be sure to bring your binoculars! 

Some of the most loved Booderee National Park beaches are listed below.

Booderee National Park
Booderee National Park
Booderee National Park
Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is the heart of Jervis Bay, owned by the Wreck Bay Community and jointly managed by its traditional owners and Parks Australia. Booderee covers over 63km of Jervis Bay land, encompassing gorgeous white sand beaches, native plants and wildlife, and scenic bushland. There is so much learning and fun to be had at Booderee National Park, so bring your friends and family along for the perfect way to discover all that the Jervis Bay area has to offer. From whale watching to hiking trails, which activity will you try first?


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