Top Instagram Spots on the South Coast

Top Instagram Spot

Australia was officially announced as the most Instagrammable place in the world for 2019. With its pristine beaches, National Parks, cliff-top lookouts and native wildlife, I‘m not surprised. In particular, the South Coast of New South Wales is full of picturesque locations to share with your followers. Up your Insta game this travel season with the South Coast’s Top Instagram Spots.

Gosang’s Tunnel

Top Instagram Spot

What lengths will you go to for the perfect photo? Would you crawl through a 20 metre rock tunnel? If yes, Gosang’s Tunnel is for you. You can find it by heading to the walking track in Currarong at Abraham Bosom Reserve. Follow the signposted track until you reach a small tunnel in the rocks. If your Insta feed is worth it, crawl through the small hole and you will find incredible views of Point Perpendicular on the other side. 

Pigeon House Mountain Didthul

If you really want to work hard for the perfect photo, and enjoy pretty intense hiking (Grade 4 to be specific), then I have to recommend Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Walking Track. Located in Morton National Park, near Milton on the South Coast, it is a well worth hike for the views at the top. Offering panoramic views over cliffs and gorges, as far as Jervis Bay and Bermagui, you’ll definitely wow your followers with this one. 

Drawing Room Rocks

Top Instagram Spot

Located in the Barren Grounds Nature Reserve near Berry, Drawing Room Rocks is nature’s Drawing Room, boasting natural tables and chairs made entirely of rock. Although not nearly as difficult as Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Walking Track, it still requires a 2km hike through forest and uneven ground to get there. Once you reach the top, snap a photo of the stunning cliff-top views. With scenery stretching from Jervis Bay to Kangaroo Valley, you’ll have plenty of iconic South Coast content to share on Instagram. 

Hyams Beach

Top Instagram Spot

Everyone needs a bit of beach action on their Instagram feed, and with its famous white sand and crystal clear water, the South Coast is the perfect place for a photo. There are many stunning beaches to choose from, but one that really stands out is Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay. It is renowned for having (arguably) the whitest sand in the world, some of the most active marine life including dolphins and seals, and crystal clear water that is perfect for snorkelling. There is no wondering why Hyams Beach is a top Instagram spot on the South Coast.

With so many picturesque places on the New South Wales South Coast, the ones above will make up only a small fraction of your Insta feed. Start exploring this beautiful part of the world and I promise you’ll get more out of it than just social media content. 


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